About Kathie

Kathie Nowicki LMSW CTP-C Clinical Therapist Michigan State University Oakland University Certified: Evidence-based Trauma Treatment

About Kathie

Kathie provides a fun, safe and nurturing environment for all of her clients. She knows that a majority of her clients are coming to her for very personal issues that are often hard to talk about. You’ll feel completely relaxed and at ease as you discuss what’s troubling you. Kathie works hard to pinpoint the cause of your suffering and establishes client-specific plans to help you overcome these feelings of self-loathing or anxiety and depression. Kathie has years of experience working with clients of all ages, from children to adults. Her specialty is assisting clients with past or current traumas. She believes that therapy is a collective experience, between a therapist and the client. The goal is to work together to explore various coping mechanisms and find positive ways to communicate thoughts and feelings.


Kathie is fully licensed and certified in psychotherapy and evidence-based trauma treatment from both Oakland University and Michigan State University, where she studied many types of behavioral issues. She’s fully trained in treating children age four and older as well as adolescents, teens, and adults. She’s highly trained in various therapy approaches, making her capable of treating and diagnosing a number of emotional disorders. Kathie is very involved in the psychotherapy industry and stays up-to-date on the latest approaches and fundamentals. Her many years of experience and vast therapy knowledge make her an ideal partner when it comes to addressing your mental and emotional health issues.

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