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Childhood trauma can have long-lasting effects. Kathie creates a safe, welcoming environment where clients can openly address the traumatic experiences in their lives and how to cope with those experiences. We’ll address specific emotional and mental health issues that could be a result of any trauma you may have experienced throughout your life.


PTSD can have detrimental effects on those who suffer from it. There are different traumatic events in one’s life that can lead to symptoms of PTSD. Sometimes, the symptoms don’t appear for years after the said event. The symptoms of PTSD can cause significant problems in your everyday life. If you’re having intrusive memories, any negative changes in your mood or emotional reactions, Kathie can help you overcome those symptoms.


Anxiety affects millions of people all around the world. Many people struggle with feelings of anxiety. If your anxiety is becoming a common occurrence in your life, then it is important to address what may be causing your anxiety and ways to work through the feelings of worry and fear created by your anxiety. Anxiety can also cause physical symptoms such as a fast heart rate, sweating, dizziness, and difficulty with sleep. We have different approaches to working through these problems.


Depression is another extremely common mental health disorder. If you’re experiencing persistent symptoms of depression, it’s important to seek help. Depression can significantly impact your day-to-day life. Some common signs of depression include feelings of extreme sadness or loss of interest in social activities. The good news is clinical depression can be treated. There are many different strategies to treating and overcoming depression.


If you or your children are having difficulties with attention, impulsiveness or hyperactivity, you may be suffering from ADHD. ADHD often begins in childhood, but can cause issues well into adulthood. ADHD can interfere with work, school, relationships, as well as impact your self-esteem. Kathie can help you work through ways of dealing with your ADHD and the symptoms that come with it.

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