Therapy Services for the Whole Family

Providing the most effective therapeutic services for children, teenagers and adults. We have therapy approaches designed for clients of all backgrounds and ages.

Therapy for Children

Therapy is great for all ages—even children. Children can highly benefit from interactive play. This type of play is a structured approach that builds on normal communicative and learning processes specifically based on children. With this therapy, children are able to express what is troubling them. At a young age, it’s not always possible for children to express themselves verbally. Through play, children are able to express themselves and learn more adaptive behaviors. There’s been huge success with this therapy approach when it comes to teaching children how to express their feelings in a healthy manner, communicate with others, modify their behavioral issues and learn ways to relate to those around them.
children playing in sand having a splendid time
girl teen being bullied

Therapy for Adolescents & Teens

The adolescent years are challenging for teenagers and their parents. These days, teenagers face more pressures from society than ever. We’ll work through healthy ways of coping with these societal pressures and ways to overcome challenges teenagers may encounter on a daily basis. Therapy sessions provide a healthy way to navigate confusing feelings or undesirable thoughts. Kathie provides a safe, trusting environment where teenagers can express their feelings openly and learn ways to better communicate and handle their emotions. These coping mechanisms will help adolescents better adjust to rough situations that may come up throughout their daily lives, and help them communicate better with their parents to express how they’re feeling.

Therapy for Adults

There are many reasons to invest in therapy as an adult. As we get older, we face more difficulties in life. Whether those difficulties are increased stressors from work or money issues, the loss of a loved one or hard life transitions. There are many different approaches to help you focus on increasing self-awareness, self-esteem and overall inner strength. Talking out these issues allow you to access thoughts and feelings you might not even know were there. Kathie is trained in addressing feelings of anxiety, depression or overall unhappiness. We’ll even explore childhood challenges that may still be hindering you from living a happy life. We’ll work closely with you to explore the root of your problems and develop new ways of thinking and overcoming life’s challenges.

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